The Episodes

LTGR Ep. #82 - "New Twists in Real-Time Sessions"
Jonathan Finkelstein from LearningTimes joins Susan and Dan to talk about a couple technologies that are enhancing the synchronous world.   Listen now...
LTGR Ep. #81: "To Lurk Or Not To Lurk"
Susan and Dan revisit a topic that drew many comments several years ago: Lurking!  Listen now...
LTGR Ep. #80: "Designing for the Future"
In this episode, Susan and Dan (who openly covet the iPad) interview the owner of a game development company making games for the iPad.  Listen now...
LTGR Ep. #79: "The Power of Data: Assessment and Evaluation"
Susan and Dan unpack a real-world situation from Dan's work. He describes how they measured the outcomes of computer based training.  Listen now...
LTGR Ep. #78: "Look Ma, No Voice: How We Use Our Mobile Phones"
Susan and Dan discuss mobile computing in this brief episode.   Listen now...
LTGR Ep. #77: "What Future?"
Susan and Dan talk to Jim Dator, University of Hawaii, and one of the keynote speakers for the upcoming TCC conference. Jim is a futurist and will be looking at the possible futures of education.  Listen now...
LTGR Ep. #76: "Making Big Ideas Connect" with George Siemens
Susan talks with educational theorist George Siemens about what his Connectivism theory means in practice.   Listen now...
LTGR Ep. #75 - "Online Education: The 'For Dummies' Edition"
In this episode, Dan Balzer and guest co-host Jonathan Finkelstein of LearningTimes, interview Susan Manning and Kevin Johnson, co-authors of the all new book Online Education for Dummies.  Listen now...
LTGR Ep. #74 - "Nancy White on Communities for Learning: 'Who are we Kidding?'"
In this special edition, Susan and Dan speak with Nancy White about some provocative views on the use of communities for learning.   Listen now...
LTGR Ep. #73 - "Dan's Mom: Growing Up with Technology in the 1930s and 1940s"
Susan and Dan welcome Dan’s mother, Elfrieda Balzer. Mrs. Balzer was visiting Dan from Canada and reflected on technology development when she was a kid. Dan asked her to talk about some of the things she experienced growing up in the 1930s and 1940s.  Listen now...

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About Us

The LT Green Room is a podcast for Renewal, Retooling and Conversations about Learning. It is co-hosted by Susan Manning and Dan Balzer and its show topics are often drawn from members of, a free online community of education and training professionals from across the globe. The LT Green Room gives listeners (and ourselves) an opportunity to reflect on what they're doing behind the scene that results in an effective learning experience.

About Susan Manning

Professionally, Susan Manning is best known as a teacher’s teacher, that is developing faculty and preparing them to teach online. She specializes in teaching instructional design, both for traditional educators and business/corporate contexts. Additionally, Susan has taught a repertoire of courses in online learning, technology tools, the synchronous classroom and online group work. She also delivers workshops on adapting curriculum for online delivery, podcasting and selecting the right technology tools. She has taught hundreds of faculty, mostly from the Midwest, but occasionally drawing from Saudi Arabia, Denmark and Russia. Along with Kevin Johnson, Susan is the author of Online Education for Dummies and The Technology Toolbelt for Teaching. Susan’s online career began “prior to the turn of the century” when she was asked to investigate the possibility of training literacy volunteers online. Knowing that she needed additional training and skills development, Susan became an online student and earned her certification as Master Online Teacher from the University of Illinois. Additionally, she holds a Doctorate in Adult Education from Ball State University, a Masters in College Student Personnel from Bowling Green State University and a Bachelors in Communications from Truman State University.


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