Episode 1

"Pregnant Pauses"

Duration 00:14:46      Recorded on September 20, 2006

In this inaugural episode of the LearningTimes Green Room, Susan Manning, Dan Balzer and Jonathan Finkelstein discuss the importance of pauses, reflections and time away from the computer in fostering meaningful learning experiences.

Show Notes:

Inaugural podcast with Susan Manning, Dan Balzer and special guest Jonathan Finkelstein.

The hosts first explain the name of this podcast and the conceptual thinking of the Green Room. The Green Room is a place where people prepare to go on stage, the informality of what happens before you go into the spotlight. So much of what makes educators and trainers is the work that happens behind the scenes. We want to give listeners (and ourselves) an opportunity to reflect on what they're doing behind the scene that results in an effective learning experience.

Our invitation to join our team, pull up a chair to our kitchen table and tell us what you'd like to talk about!

Looking at reflection and its importance on learning. Being able to think and draw connections.Jonathan, Dan and Susan share what they did recently to step back and refuel. Jonathan went to Ireland. Dan went to the Wisconsin Dells for 3 days of water slides. Susan went kayaking and had a bald eagle swoop overhead.

We all need a few green moments without a computer. What's the role of these pregnant pauses that allow us to produce effectively? Do blogs and eportfolios support the idea of learner reflection? Beyond having a task to complete, reflection takes discipline and good teachers build this into their practice by providing structure (guidelines) and opportunity.

Invite learners away from computer to accomplish tasks that take them back into their communities.

Dan suggests that what we do behind stage, how we think about what we're going to do when we move into the limelight, is to facilitate the ability of our learners to reflect.

What do we want from our listeners? What should they reflect on (and tell us about):

  • What our listeners did this summer
  • What non-tech things still give thrills and can be tied into the learning experience
  • In what ways do you structure experiences for your students so they are reflecting?
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The LT Green Room is a podcast for Renewal, Retooling and Conversations about Learning. It is co-hosted by Susan Manning and Dan Balzer and its show topics are often drawn from members of LearningTimes.org, a free online community of education and training professionals from across the globe. The LT Green Room gives listeners (and ourselves) an opportunity to reflect on what they're doing behind the scene that results in an effective learning experience.


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