Episode 5

"Technology Choices of the Heart"

Duration 00:18:18 Recorded on October 21, 2006

In this episode, Dan and Susan explore questions about technology and humanity with radio producer David Balzer.

Show Notes:

Special Guest David Balzer. (Yes, he is Dan's brother.) David is a communicator who currently works in talk radio, but is moving toward web-based communications. He has been thinking about the values that drive him as a communicator using various technologies. He's a LearningTimes member, too!

David shares that he was influenced by a course he took this summer. He asks: What kinds of questions do you ask when you harness technology and what kind of person do I need to be in that process?

Marshal McLuhan said technology is the extension of man. Is the technology still extending who we are or has it replaced our humanity?

Are we in a technomoral crisis? Read Quentin J. Schultze, Habits of the High Tech Heart : Living Virtuously in the Information Age.These dilemmas are similar to the questions faculty ask regarding whether they can reach out to students.

Dan asked how David tackles the crisis, which led to commentary on Jonathan Finkelstein's Real Time Minute #2 that addressed relationships. David would prefer meeting the Jonathan who is not a compressed file (wouldn't we all!).

The value of embodiment: when you harness technology, how does it impact the physical experience of the participants? How human is it? Does it give students a voice? How are we using technology?

Humor and its importance in dealing with these issues. Humor reminds us that we're the humans and the computers are the machines. Tell those crazy stories!

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