Episode 7

"Exploring MacArthur: Digital Media and Learning"

Duration 00:17:06      Recorded on November 24, 2006

Susan and Dan discuss their explorations of the MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning project, a huge initiative to explore and create a field of study and practice around digital media

Show Notes:

Susan and Dan discuss their explorations on the MacArthur Foundation project, a huge initiative to explore the field of digital media (to create a field of study and practice). There is a group of authors who will be writing 6 volumes on the topic, and giving grants to institutions working on the practice side.

The foundation web site can be found here.

The open forum site can be found here. The forum is a place where the authors are able to post a synopsis of the chapter they're writing and asking others to dialogue on the topic. A few of the major themes are gaming, the use of digital media and school environments and colorblindness. Dan first looked at the issue of gaming. "How do people get into gaming?" is an example of a question they have explored. A gender difference (no surprise to Susan). Also looked at ethnic differences, which led to considerations of who has access to technology, leisure time, and so on. Gaming is good for learning but people don't know how to design activities using games. Good links to games in this site! Program ideas, also. This might be inspiring.Susan read the forum related to Moral Panics. That topic dealt with whether our children are safe with technology. Do we tell children not to go on the Internet or do we teach them to do it safely? What do we know and how are we responding and reacting? Yes, they talk about DOPA.

Susan also read the forum on what educators would do with digital media (if they could). Opportunities for modeling safe practices. From that came a wonderful posting that Dan read to listeners related to how the author would teach by using certain freely available tools.Get involved in seeing the frameworks and models! Pay attention.

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