Episode 9


Duration 00:07:35      Recorded on December 19, 2006

In this episode, Dan and Susan ask whether it is okay in online classrooms to allow learners to "lurk". What is lurking? How do you define it and do you accept it in your online courses? The hosts of the LT Green Room want to hear from you. No lurking around this episode

Show Notes:

Is it okay in online classrooms to have people lurk? What is lurking? How do you define it and do you accept it?

Context: in a class. In most online classes, you are not permitted to lurk. Dan and Susan talk about why that is and whether this is a good thing.

Part of the impetus for this discussion came from Susan lurking in a SCoPE discussion on Legitimate Peripheral Participants discussion. Good stuff in that forum. Sometimes people just want to be on the edges until they believe they have something to say. What happens when we force students to talk? Not every has a need to express oneself.

Back to considering outcomes and whether forced participation is critical as evidence of learning.

Dan and Susan continue to explore how posting is related to assessing learning and why students post.

Check out SCoPE if you are not familiar with them. The discussions are open, but you'll need to register if you want to participate.

Would you find it fulfilling if no one discussed with you, the teacher? Doesn't that limit the teacher's ability to learn from students?

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