Episode 11

"Where Does all the Knowledge Go?"

Duration 00:16:05      Recorded on December 31, 2006

In this episode, Susan and Dan tackle the question: What happens when key team members leave and take their knowledge? The show kicks off a conversation on how organizations capture internal knowledge, and on what kinds of things motivate people within your organization to share and document their know-how

Show Notes:

What happens when key team members leave and take their knowledge? The legacy of information.

This is becoming a huge issue. Content expertise, know-how of how to get things done, past success and failure, tacit and explicit.

Nick Bontis at McMaster University is studying intellectual capital. Much of a company's value is knowledge that is not documented.

Susan asks what happens when it is not politically safe to write some of the information down!

Exit interviews are one way of capturing some of that information. Companies are building intranets with Q&As, wikis, and other tools. But people won't share if there is no incentive. Again, Susan points out risk. Dan explains a point system to compensate employees for sharing information.

Intel's wiki provided an opportunity for employees to share the company's history.

Susan says with higher education, focus would be important to address specific problems.

Dan shares horrible story as example of where knowledge sharing would have saved time and money.

http://www.schoolforge.net/ -- K12 educators looking at open source applications for schools.

http://www.KM4dev.org -- International groups like UNESCO and World Bank discuss implications of intellectual capital. (Nick Bontis says only 20% of intellectual capital is used.)Susan tells about recent experience with consultant and podcasting to keep her work growing.

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