Episode 13

"Defining Instructional Design"

Duration 00:12:56      Recorded on January 16, 2007

Instructional Design is a popular phrase but few really understand what it is. In this show, Dan and Susan tackle the definition and ask why we should bother with instructional design.

Show notes:

Why bother? Instructional Design is a popular phrase but few really understand what it is.

Dan uses one word: intentionality. The long version: People who are thinking concretely wand with intention about how they are creating learning experiences for an audience, and using their assumptions about how people learn.

Susan offers: The marriage of learning theory to instructional strategies that creates an environment conducive to a particular outcome.

Dan thinks everyone has a theory about how people learn, but not many articulate it. And if you don't know why you created the learning experience the way you did, you can't change or measure it.

Context - Who is the audience? What do they know? What are the needs? Curricular ? How long will it be? What do I assume about how they'll learn

Evaluation - Did the things I plan for work? Sorting through whether this happens at a macro level or micro level. K12 do it better at the micro level with lesson planning. Higher education looks at design in both. Corporate planners think in terms of seat time.

Martin Ryder's site is a rich resource for exploring more models.http://carbon.ucdenver.edu/~mryder/itc/idmodels.html

The common elements (the ADDIE model) include:

In higher education with accreditation and the boom in portfolios, evaluation has become more important.

Rapid Prototyping: create a small model of what people will experience and ask the content experts for feedback. Good for self-paced learning and the corporate world.

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