Episode 16

"Vocabulary Lessons"

Duration 00:09:54      Recorded on February 18, 2007

In this episode, Dan seeks help translating academic online learning vocabulary into corporate training lingo, and vice versa. Susan taps into her experience as an ESL (English as a Second Language) instructor to offer some tips, and the hosts look to listeners for their perspectives.

Show Notes:

Dan has a new job and needs to figure out the vocabulary! He is now working in the corporate world on developing online training and needs to find a way to communicate.

Examples: Synchronous and asynchronous become real time and self-paced.

Facilitator led becomes instructor led training (ILT).

Should Dan not introduce the education lingo or is there a way to gently bring in his academic language (and ideals)? Susan asks if he should bother. Will using the language bring about change? They agree on the value of opening oneself to models and methods other than behavioral. If you borrow language from another environment, will you be criticized for not talking the talk?

In education there is more space for people to talk about learning (even among content experts), but in business, few people have that shared reference.

Dan introduces more vocabulary: scorecard, KPI knowledge performance indicator, SPOC single point of contact, SPOA single point of accountability (the go to guy or facilitator). The quicker you can learn, the quicker the natives understand.

Susan asks if there are reliable sources to ask questions of. She gives very little help, but suggests putting new language in a context and rephrasing/internalizing.

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