Episode 22

"How to Teach"

Duration 00:14:04      Recorded on May 05, 2007

In this show, Susan and Dan provide a primer on "How to Teach". What do you need to know if you are thrown into a classroom?

Show Notes:

Susan and Dan give a primer on "How to Teach." What do you need to know if you are thrown into a classroom? As Dan's brother says, it's easy to know but hard to put into practice!

Susan starts with pointing to 'Seven Principles' for undergraduate education that have been reinterpreted for online use. Available here.

By the way, there is a very interesting link on this page that leads to a webinar in which Art Chickering is interviewed by Stephen C. Ehrmann.

Learning has to be the outcome!

Stephen Brookfield influenced Dan with The Skillful Teacher. Jossey-Bass. 2006 second edition. His favorite concepts and sections:

  • You need to have a personal organizing vision.
  • The balance of challenge and support.
  • How to facilitate discussions.
  • Using simulations and role playing (or the narrative approach).

Susan goes back to Malcolm Knowles and andragogy. She particularly remembers that students must be ready and that readiness is often dependent on what's happening in life and whether you can use the information immediately. She tries to allow room to let students customize learning.

Dan and Susan both give a strong thumbs up to The Outcomes Primer by Ruth Stiehl with Les Lewchuk available here.

Stiehl and Lewchuk challenge readers to consider what students will do in class that demonstrates evidence of the outcomes you want them to learn.

Susan recommends Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers (Jossey Bass Higher and Adult Education Series).by Thomas A. Angelo and K. Patricia Cross (Paperback - Mar 12, 1993)

Short, focused assessments that reveal what's working and what's not in a course.

Variety in instructional strategies. Dan uses a metaphor of the sampler pack of cereal. Both Susan and Dan point back to Brookfield in some fashion.

Susan suggests teachers become familiar with generational differences, or other student variables such as technology-proficiency and culture. "Why teach?" Susan quotes Brookfield to close.

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