Episode 28

"Seven Revelations about e-Learning"

Duration 00:09:34      Recorded on July 15, 2007

In this show, Dan and Susan review an article from Training Magazine entitled, "Seven Revelations about E-learning."

Show Notes:

Dan and Susan review an article from April 2006 Training Magazine: Seven Revelations about E-learning.

Article discusses Tweeter's shift from classroom training to e-learning.

  1. There's no funeral yet for the classroom. Use the classroom to your advantage; simulations, role plays, etc. that you can best do face to face.
  2. Designers need to curb course overload. Hunk things into smaller units. We don't always need a full blown course.
  3. Wham bam thank you mam works. Rapid instructional design. There are tools to help designers build courses quickly.
  4. Somethings never change. You still have to find a way to engage the learner.
  5. Some elements get lost in translation. Learning objects have not been as popular as we thought they'd be.
  6. Designers need to understand learning styles. This also speaks to mindsets that come with certain professions.
  7. E-learning is more effective to the work it supports. This spoke more to serendipitous problem solving that came from developing e-learning. Very fuzzy for both Dan and Susan.
This was a short article that puts forth basic ideas. We would like to hear from listeners about their own revelations through the past 5 years or so related to e-learning.
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