Episode 33

"First Year Teacher Prep"

Duration 00:16:05      Recorded on October 05, 2007

In this show, Susan and Dan discuss strategies for first year teacher prep with Cheri Toledo.

Show Notes:

By way of Skype, we are joined by Dr. Cheri Toledo, Assistant Professor in Curriculum and Instruction at Illinois State University. Cheri is innovative in how she helps prepare tomorrow's K12 teachers. This topic came from David Warlick's 2ยข Worth blog posting on the topic of first year teachers and technology. Cheri helped move the discussion forward by commenting, but also articulated her thoughts on her own blog. What's Cheri doing in her classroom? For example, now she gets students to know standards by using del.icio.us and having them network to pool resources. Part of what Warlick was writing about was that new teachers didn't know they were using Web2.0 tools. Cheri followed up on this idea with her own informal in-class survey of who's using what. Our students might have the skills, but are not using the same tools we use. Susan and Cheri then questioned the Pew research [PDF] from last year. Susan asks Dan what he expects from his kids/teachers and their use of technology. He'd love for the teachers to model the use of these tools. He shared what kinds of things happened in school as he observed them. Susan's school is different; very strong support from the LMC Director. What are Cheri's hopes for what pre-service teachers would eventually do in their own teaching? Using blogs and wikis for collaboration. Her concern is the lack of understanding at the school sites and the overabundance of blocking.

We tend to teach the way we have been taught. Even before the term begins Cheri's students are asked to engage. However, their responses are not always favorable. Who likes change? She introduces the 'Did you know ...' video. Dan asks if Cheri has come across a resistant student who finally 'got it.' Do people shift? In a couple years we'll know about the long-term impact, but short term success does happen!

Hey Cheri's students, we'll comment!

Teachers sometimes don't recognize how their own futures are changing. Pedagogies are shifting, too. Small discussion of teacher-centered versus student-centered.Susan gives praise to Mrs. Baumert, LMC Director at Smith Elementary School, who blogged about a trip to Space Camp, hosted by the James Jordan Foundation. See the blog and pics. She helped keep families connected.Dan and Susan want to hear comments from new teachers. What is it you wish you'd been trained in that you weren't. Or, what is it that you are not able to do that you want to do? Cheri would like to know their ideas about how we can help education professors.

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