Episode 36

"Digital Storytelling"

Duration 00:14:42      Recorded on November 18, 2007

Susan and Dan are joined by Stacy Behmer who shares her experience with digital storytelling (DST) in elementary and middle school classrooms.

Show notes:

Stacy Behmer joins Susan and Dan to talk about her experience with digital storytelling (DST) in elementary and middle school classrooms. Stacy researched DST as a graduate student at Iowa State University and has made her resources available at http://ctlt.iastate.edu/~ds/Behmer/. Throughout this interview, Stacy references Jane Schmidt, a middle school English teacher in Maquoketa, Iowa, as well as her major professor Dr. Denise Schmidt. Both women were instrumental in advising Stacy through her research.

Defining DST: combining story + music, audio, video, photos and other media.Stacy's research was with 7th grade language arts students. She walks through how she became acquainted with DST and how she saw the connections to teaching/learning and standards.The end product of her research were stories created by groups of 3-4 students on the theme 'Everyone has a story to tell and we're going to help you to tell it.' These stories came from interviews of community members; the project extended over a four week period. Stacy shares all the details of how she implemented this.

A couple insights/questions to listen for: - What happens when a group doesn't follow the prescribed steps? - The importance of flexibility - How kids latch on the technology - Mac/PC alternatives iMovie versus MovieMaker versus PhotoStory3 - Connecting your project to standards (think language arts)

What would she change? Building in assessment measures throughout the project.

Can this transfer to higher education classrooms where faculty do not have students every day for large chunks of time? Stacy tells about pre-service teachers and their DSTs.

Stacy's biggest surprise was the level of engagement.

Again, go look at Stacy's website at http://ctlt.iastate.edu/~ds/Behmer/ and see the stories!

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