Episode 37

"Holiday Wishes & Wish Lists"

Duration 00:12:08      Recorded on December 06, 2007

In this episode, Dan and Susan share their holiday wish lists. They might have some surprises under the tree!

Show Notes:

Dan and Susan share their holiday wish lists. They might have some surprises under the tree!

Dan wishes for something that would help unmotivated learners get motivated real quickly. Likewise Susan wishes that students were adequately advised before they signed up for online courses.

Susan wishes for an easy solution to helping learners manage their expectations. When you read the course catalog, does the description fit the course? What expectations due learners bring to the virtual classroom, and how can instructors clarify what is expected of learners? Susan needs (wants) a new laptop. A ruby red one, please. Susan would like an open-source web-conferencing tool that combines graphics, whiteboard, interactivity and audio.

Dan would like a replacement for multiple-choice quizzes. What he really wants is a tool that creates multiple-choice quizzes that foster critical thinking. Check out http://www.willatworklearning.com/.

Susan is really dreaming when she asks for an answer to the security question related to assessment. How I know that the person in my online class is really who she says she is?

For the K-12 teachers and of the world, Susan wishes for fewer filters so that they can access some of the cool collaborative tools that are available online.

Dan wants a tool to tell him which tools he needs to learn.

Susan needs a digital cleaning service that will clear her hard drive of old files that are probably now clutter more than resources.

Dan needs a service to tag all his digital photos.

Dan wants a simple solution for audio e-mail. Susan wants free transcription for podcasts. Dan and Susan leave their listeners with well wishes for happy holidays and would like to hear what's on their lists.

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