Episode 38

"Behind the Scenes"

Duration 00:10:44      Recorded on December 24, 2007

In this unusual episode, Dan interviews Susan about a recent online synchronous training seminar she conducted. He asks her to walk him through her planning process, the decisions she made, the activities during the seminar, and what she hoped to achieve.

Show Notes:

The recent online synchronous training seminar that Susan conducted was presented to a group of doctoral students at Western Illinois University who are examining the idea of integrating technology into the K12 setting. There was also a corollary group in China, and those students were awake in the middle of the night to participate! What Susan knew of the group was that most were principals or superintendents. Susan's topic focused on adding digital audio and possibly multimedia to today's classroom.

Susan started to focus on case studies, but later organized the program according to specific tools. She asked to learners to clarify which tools would be of most interest.

The activities she planned in order to keep learners engaged included polling and demonstration. She knew exactly where she would ask for input. Because the participants had been using this presentation tool earlier in the day, she did not have to train them on what buttons to push.

A question Susan had not anticipated was about funding sources. All the tools she uses are either free or very low cost, but she and Dan discussed the possibility of referring people to publications that list grants, such as eSchool News, or seeking private funding through local businesses and partnerships.

Susan ran out of time because she had too much content! Showing the examples took more time than she anticipated. She also would have been a little more culturally sensitive in the images that she showed if she had known that there was going to be an international audience. She uses the example of Laurel and Hardy and how she needed to put them in a context in case the learners did not know who these figures were.

By the way, Susan talked about her use of: - Podcasting and audio - Site Pal (or talking avatars) - Digital Storytelling - Voicethreads - 'tubes' and video - Skype

She referenced her links in del.icio.us and you too can follow her linksat: http://del.icio.us/smanning/WIU-program.

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