Episode 44

"A Whole New Mind"

Duration 00:24:32      Recorded on May 10, 2008

In this slightly longer than usual episode, Susan and Dan review Daniel H. Pink's "A Whole New Mind" (2005). Although not written for teachers, per se, both enjoyed the book for its insights and implications for teaching and learning.

Show Notes:

The “whole” is the central premise of the book. Pink suggests that in the future, people who effectively use both sides of the brain (right and left) will succeed. The book starts with a review of trends that are shaping our world and why we can no longer be as reliant on left brain dominant thinking. Outsourcing highly skilled jobs to Asia, Automation, and Abundance are the trends that have been moving us into the Conceptual Age.

From there, Pink moves into Six Senses, or competencies. These are ways of thinking that will bring together both hemispheres and offer fresh insights. At the end of each chapter, Pink offers activities in a portfolio to help develop these competencies. The senses are:- Design- Story- Symphony- Empathy- Play- Meaning

Susan and Dan examine each sense and offer their interpretation of how that might look in a teaching sense. They then encourage listeners to share their practices that support these senses and new ideas of where educators should focus in the future.

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