Episode 46

"What We're Learning"

Duration 00:17:07      Recorded on June 26, 2008

In this episode, Susan and Dan converse and share a relaxed view of what they're thinking about learning. The show offers an opportunity for all of us to pause and reflect on how our current personal and professional activities influence our understanding of the learning process.

Show Notes:

Susan and Dan offer their reflections and observations about learning. This episode is a relaxed view of what we're thinking about learning.Susan has been thinking about the importance of offering 'interval training' in terms of offering more intense activities and some easier activities within a learning unit.

Dan went to a workshop about performance conversations. He took away a nugget of giving feedback focused on a common theme - meaningful to the employee and related to where the organization wants to go. Susan sees the connection to giving learners feedback. 'The conversation is the relationship' made Dan think about the quality of his relationships at work.

Susan thinks about patterns and connections. She has been observing learners recognizing themes and the importance of that to their learning. Helping learners see the relevancy of your class content to their lives strengthens and reinforces learning. She's now thinking about how we can help younger learners with this.

Dan attended a different workshop how the brain works in transfer of learning. What he learned was that what tests tell us might be the quality of short term memory. It doesn't tell how the person will perform. Situation based learning was highlighted. All that reminds Susan of The Outcomes Primer.

'Learning takes time' is Susan's last thought. She's concerned about how we have condensed online courses.We'd like to know what our listeners are thinking about. What themes are rising to the top? What has captured your fascination and what has triggered you to thinking about learning?

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The LT Green Room is a podcast for Renewal, Retooling and Conversations about Learning. It is co-hosted by Susan Manning and Dan Balzer and its show topics are often drawn from members of LearningTimes.org, a free online community of education and training professionals from across the globe. The LT Green Room gives listeners (and ourselves) an opportunity to reflect on what they're doing behind the scene that results in an effective learning experience.


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