Episode 48

"Sharing Knowledge"

Duration 00:17:36      Recorded on July 22, 2008

In this show, Susan and Dan talk about how to stimulate the sharing of tacit knowledge at work, school, or anywhere you have people working together.

Show Notes:

Knowledge sharing. How do you get the tacit knowledge to be shared? This has applicability at work, school, anywhere you have people working together.

Differentiating between knowledge sharing from past versus this episode. Today we are talking about informal learning, not as many structures. Similar to the conversations that occur around the watercooler that would benefit others.

Dan asks Susan about Parent Teacher Association (PTA). She shares what she is trying to do and how she has begun to create change. Simple summary: Ask people for their ideas and help! Make information transparent. It should be organic with many people contributing. Susan thinks one of the problems is that members have become complacent and don't hold leaders accountable.

Then Dan shares what he is doing in work. He starts each meeting with team members reporting on what they've learned (a learning moment). This has created a paradigm shift in members thinking about work processes. They are more likely to share their moments because the observations are not received as a threat.

Capturing knowledge: Dan sends out a summary after the meeting and is considering a learning moment summary. Susan suggests thinking ahead. Susan shares her experience in getting the PTA officers to use Google Docs. One member's 12 year old does her word processing and another calls her on the phone. Sometimes the simplest technology works.Why do people not share? Leaders don't share in order to maintain power or control. Members don't share because they have been beaten down or not valued.

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