Episode 67

"Conference Participation"

Duration 00:13:39      Recorded on October 12, 2009

How do we learn best from conference participation? In this episode, Dan and Susan talk about what they do when they go to conferences, and invite us to share how we get the most out of our own conference attendance.

Show Notes:

Dan and Susan talk about what they do when they go to conferences. How do we learn from conferences?

Dan goes to more face to face conferences whereas Susan attends more online conferences.

Both tend to go to sessions they know something about or that will have direct pay-offs. We are economists of time and money! Susan saves time online.

How do people network when at an online conference? Additional resources, discussions, or side conversations within chats. Susan also follows people on their blogs and finds other contacts through blog rolls. Dan has struggled with how to follow up and managing what to do? Maybe this is something conference presenters should do in their sessions: creating opportunities for networking.

Susan points out that with online conferences, it is easier to leave a room if the sessions isn't what you want. Plus she can follow recordings. She's learned not to multitask.

Dan has been given the opportunity to leave sessions in face to face, too. He sees that more and more the conferences are about networking and not just about getting information and tools. Their friend Kevin Johnson recently twittered about a conference, and Susan followed the entire conference.

Dan will be a panelist in November in San Jose at a conference on how to create good educational videos.

October 7-8 Susan will be at the Jossey-Bass Online Teaching and Learning Conference with big name speakers like Curtis Bonk, Sharan Merriam, Patricia Cranton and Edward Harris, Randy Garrison and Norm Vaughan on Blended Learning.

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