Episode 68


Duration 00:16:05      Recorded on October 29, 2009

In this episode, Susan and Dan revisit a universal topic: how to motivate learners.

Show Notes:

Susan and Dan revisit a universal topic: How to motivate learners. They base their discussion off of Learning Solutions e-Magazine article "Five Strategies to Enhance Learner Motivation in e-Learning Design" by Joe McCleskey. This newsletter is available through E-Learning Guild as an associate member (free). To put this in context, McClesky is mostly talking about self-paced elearning courses.

Strategy 1: ARCS model - Attention, Relevance, Confidence and Satisfaction. Susan spends a good deal of time boosting confidence. Dan resonated with the idea that intrinsic motivation lasts longer. Extrinsic motivation is not inherently bad.Dan describes a baking activity as an example, and Susan questions the assessment.

Strategy 2: Think structure. Nine to 10 minutes at a time! This relates to the cognitive science about changing activity, and the ideas behind accelerated learning support this, too.

Strategy 3: Increase visual interest. Photos, video, graphics. Images must directly represent the content. As for video, Joe writes that today's audience has high standards, but Susan thinks about youTube.

Strategy 4: Emotion. The advice is to take a light approach, however. Too much emotional edge will bury the learner and could backfire.

Strategy 5: Tell a story and use the narrative.Put these 5 together and you have a checklist that can apply to any design.Book review at the end of the article: Visual Language for Designers by Connie Malamed. Connie also hosts a blog, and in one of Dan's favorite entries, she shares a tip for building curiosity called progressive revelation.

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