Episode 69


Duration 00:10:30      Recorded on November 14, 2009

Dan surprises Susan with the topic of the day: Twitter. The duo talk about the social networking tool and how it is used, and interview a special guest, author Jane Bozarth.

Show Notes:

Dan surprises Susan with the topic of the day: Twitter. The pair talk about the social networking tool and how it is used.Susan is not a hardcore user, but she does check and occasionally tweet. She said she only posts once a week, but truth be told, she tweets more often. Kevin Johnson is using the tool to promote their book, Online Education for Dummies (available January!).Dan follows a couple people and is figuring out the code language.Susan tells the story of a contact who uses Twitter big time. He uses Tweet Deck to keep message organized.Susan needs the Twitter for Dummies book.Should we jump on board with new technology? Susan thinks out loud about how to use the tool. Dan thinks linking an expert with a novice is one good use. He doesn't like when experts tweet where they're going next.Dan and Susan then interview Jane Bozarth (author of From Analysis to Evaluation: Tools, Tips & Techniques for Trainers and Better than Bullet Points: Creating Engaging E-Learning with PowerPoint) about how lrnchat works. The group meets Thursdays, 8:30 p.m. eastern. Search for #lrnchat and you'll find the group and the blog link, too. It's fast and crazy and centered on learning. Do it when you?re on a computer, not on your phone. Big names attend! Jay Cross, Ray Jimenez, and Jane!

So Dan and Susan now need to get serious. They have established a joint account - find them on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/ltgreenroom. They'll be tweeting more regularly to see if listeners have something to say.

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