Episode 72

"Instructional Designers' 2010 Resolutions"

Duration 00:08:47 Recorded on January 18, 2010

In this episode, Susan and Dan make resolutions as instructional designers. They talk about changes they’d like to make in the coming year, and ask you to share yours.

Show Notes:

Happy New Year! Susan and Dan are making resolutions as instructional designers. They talk about changes they'd like to make in the coming year.Susan is going to revamp, refresh or retool any course older than 18 months.

Dan is going to write an executive summary of the learning outcomes and activities from the prior year, pulling together data and feedback. He will interpret the value training has added.

Both will look at how they assess learning. Susan would like to focus on 'what difference this will make in 3 years,' but she wants learners to have that sense as they move through the course (not in 3 years).

Both will concentrate on alignment of objectives, activities and assessment.

Dan is going to try to do one thing at a time. Good luck, Dan! This involves time management and time for reflection.

Susan will be going simpler with activities, looking at the tools she's asking students to work with.

Dan is going to sort through his 'stuff' and decide what he needs to keep. Here are a couple links Susan recently sent Dan:

Two postings on the qualities of instructional designers from Connie Malamed.

Clark Quinn's blog that Dan appreciated: The Great eLearning Garbage Vortex

Listeners, we'd love to hear about your instructional design changes or initiatives for 2010.

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