Episode 74

"Nancy White on Communities for Learning: 'Who are we Kidding?'"

Duration 00:08:15      Recorded on February 21, 2010

In this special edition, Susan and Dan speak with Nancy White about some provocative views on the use of communities for learning. The conversation continues during Nancy's keynote presentation at the International Online Conference 2010.

Show Notes:

Susan and Dan are joined by Nancy White who offers a compelling preview of her IOC keynote (March 17th, 2010). The topic: We are navigating a tumultuous and very interesting transition of how we think about learning. We are stepping beyond the boundaries of "course," questioning the continuum of formal and informal learning ? all in a time when technology is fundamentally changing what it means to "be together." From this context, the idea of using the social structure of "community" for learning has come center stage. Community has shown to be valuable in some contexts. But should it be the structure? Is structuring our educational frameworks around community central, or does it deserve a different place along the continuum of individual/community-networked learning. When is community the sweet spot? When is it the trap? Susan, Dan and Nancy invite listeners to register for the 8th Annual International Online Conference on Teaching and Learning. Nancy will open the conference with her March 17th keynote.

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