Episode 76

"Making Big Ideas Connect with George Siemens"

Duration 00:07:24 Recorded on March 28, YEAR

Susan talks with educational theorist George Siemens about what his Connectivism theory means in practice. Siemens will present the online Keynote at the upcoming TCC Worldwide Online Conference.

Show Notes:

Susan talks with Connectivism theorist George Siemens about his upcoming keynote talk at the 15th annual TCC Worldwide Online Conference. George asks: How does the role of the educator and the role of the learner change when we are involved with socially distributed decentralized technologies? How do we teach differently in these environments, and how do learners learn differently in these environments? George and Susan talk about how big transformations in how we teach and learn happen at the classroom or course level. Social media used within an individual teacher's classrooms -- online or offline -- is what enables big transformations to happen system-wide.When you look at many of the societal or technological trends that are impacting education, there is a sense that because we are experiencing it for the first time, it is new. But many of the things we are looking at today around decentralized, distributed technology are really the revisiting of old theories that have at various points been in place over the last several decades. For example, humanity has always functioned in social networks; it's as old as sitting around a campfire or huddling together in a cave.

Susan invites listeners to join George for continued exploration of this topic at the 15th annual TCC Worldwide Online Conference. It takes place online April 20-22, 2010.

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