Episode 77

"What Future?"

Duration 00:07:53 Recorded on April 09, 2010

Susan and Dan talk to Jim Dator, University of Hawaii, and one of the keynote speakers for the upcoming TCC conference. Jim is a futurist and will be looking at the possible futures of education.

Show Notes:

Societies have gone through several stages. What comes after the information society? Jim calls it the dream society of icons and aesthetic experiences and you'll have to hear about this at the conference.Will we get to the dream society? Jim outlines reinforces that the future is not one, but alternative futures. There are factors that may prevent us from getting where we want to be: energy, environment, economic and governing problems.

Education has been oriented toward one future. What do we do knowing that there may be alternative futures? If we take sustainability seriously, this may change who, what and how we educate.Listeners, get registered for the conference so you can interact with Jim and learn more about this!

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