Episode 79

"The Power of Data: Assessment and Evaluation"

Duration 00:09:52      Recorded on June 09, 2010

Susan and Dan unpack a real-world situation from Dan's work. He describes how they measured the outcomes of computer based training.

Show Notes:

Following computer based training (CBT) the learners self-report how confident they were at completing that skill. They are at performing the tasks for which they were trained. At the same time the trainer observes the skill and reports how well it was performed.

Interesting to compare confidence levels between groups that had CBT and those who were trained face to face. The CBT group lacked confidence even though they performed better. A modification for the future will be for trainers to provide more feedback so learner realize the CBT has worked.Susan uses this example to clarify the difference between assessment (measurement) and evaluation (judgments and changes based on data). She also clarifies the different between formative and summative assessment.The power of data!

How do you know what you should measure? This is where setting clear objectives comes back into play. You can't measure if you don't know what you're looking for.

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