Episode 81

"To Lurk Or Not To Lurk"

Duration 00:13:56      Recorded on August 24, 2010

Susan and Dan revisit a topic that drew many comments several years ago: Lurking!

Show Notes:

So much has changed since the pair recorded the first episode where they explored the concept of lurking. Social media now positions readers and followers to stay on the fringe of conversations. The pair unpacks what that means.

Three or four years ago we were concerned about how much participation a student should have in an online course. Those who did not participate were considered lurkers. But today the conversation has changed. Today, we ask students to participate outside the boundaries of the course. What does it mean to be in a community or following someone - the learner decides how intimate they want their personal learning network to be. Dan's brother, who is starting to teach full-time and thinking of online components, asks whether he should ask students to follow experts in social media and how he might integrate that.Susan asks about assessment. How do you measure engagement and participation in an online course? Dan tells a story about meeting an online instructor while camping. Susan suggests that person needs a free copy of Online Education for Dummies.

Susan recalls a model she heard about where student engagement was not measured weekly, but rather twice a term.

Back to social media and Dan’s brother. The question is how far to let students go and how you bring it in to a meaningful way. Susan relates this to finding current events when younger. People on the periphery build bridges to others in different networks. Insular spaces lead to echo chambers. There is value to those who live on the edge.

Interesting distinction between lurking and loafing. Maybe students need to be pushed out into other networks to learn skills to interact (after they have a knowledge base and learn the proper scholarship.)

Listeners, how have your views changed over the years? Are students better at networking now that they're using social media tools?

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