Episode 88

"An Education Up in the Cloud"

Duration 00:10:14 Recorded on June 04, 2011

Susan and Dan take a look at cloud computing and what it means for educators and trainers. What are some ways you are availing yourself of the benefits of 'the cloud'?

Susan's brother-in-law Magello who works in IT joins the conversation as Susan and Dan discuss the cloud. What is the cloud, and should we fear it? What's the best way to incorporate Web 2.0 services into our work?

By 'the cloud' Susan and Dan mean stuff you can't see, the space where many web-based applications reside for working remotely on documents, photos, and other files. Google Docs is a prime example.

Using an application without having to download and install software can be convenient, and Susan shares an anecdote about her daughters using the cloud to get their homework done. But it can also be unpredictable. Magello points out that some programs could be updated to new software without advance notice.

As cloud-based applications become more popular, it's worth thinking about how much we can and cannot control. Dan and Magello both use offsite back-up services and it can be hard not to think in the back of your mind about what could happen.Yet as Susan points out, this collection of information can be very beneficial. There's a new program that helps teach math by using the data collected in the cloud to focus on areas students struggle with. Susan's still looking for the article she read on this, but we'll post it when it's found.

Magello finally points out that while using cloud-based applications is often very helpful and convenient, it's important for users to have choice.

But don't be afraid of the cloud! You might even be using it already without knowing it. Let us know your thoughts and experiences working with the cloud, and keep the discussion going.

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