Episode 94

"Museums & Mobile Experiences"

Duration 00:22:13      Recorded on October 07, 2011

In this episode, Dan Balzer and guest co-host Jonathan Finkelstein interview Loic Tallon, co-producer of the upcoming Museums and Mobile III conference. They discuss the adoption of mobile technology in the museum world and how best to approach and implement these exciting new projects. Focusing in on Loic's work in opening up the minds of museums to expanding the visitor experience, the discussion turns to some great examples of already successful programs and the upcoming Museums and Mobile conference.

Show Notes:

Loic is also co-editor of one of the leading books in this field, Digital Technologies and the Museum Experience: Handheld Guides and other media (Alta Mira Press) and founder of Pocket-Proof. Dan starts us off by asking Loic to tell us about some of the current trends in museums and mobile technology. It's all about the basics, it turns out. Museums that take the time to really think about what they want from these new projects have the most success. It's all about using the technology as a way to get at the content, enhancing the learning experience.

Loic explains that the most effective way to keep things focused is to lose any preconceptions about new technologies and to open up our minds to how new projects can add to a museum visit. One way he helps museums keep their ideas flowing is through a play-doh exercise - words can be a weak tool to describe an interactive experience, and physically shaping an idea with your hands can really help inspire new projects.

Loic offers some advice to small museums interested in mobile technology but lacking the resources of larger institutions like the Tate Modern or the National Museum of the American Indian. Beware of "geeks bearing gifts" and keep very specific goals for your project, with communicating your content at the top of the list.

Jonathan turns the conversation to the recent passing of Steve Jobs, and how his influence on mobile technology can be both an inspiration and an example for museums.

Finally, the Green Room looks ahead to the Museums and Mobile III conference on October 24-26, 2011. There's an exciting line-up of new case studies, including some great projects the Detroit Institute of Art, Boston's MFA and the MONA in Tasmania.

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