Episode 97

"Performer Support"

Duration 00:14:31      Recorded on December 01, 2011

In this episode, Dan talks with Susan about an event he recently attended about integrating informal social and mobile into your learning strategy. The event was led by Bob Mosher and Conrad Gottfredson.

Show Notes:

Dan recently attended and ASTD sponsored event led by Bob Mosher and Conrad Gottfredson about integrating informal social and mobile into your learning strategy. Dan describes it most about: Integrating performer support. Performer versus performance? Putting the focus on the learner versus the system. 5 moments of need:

  1. When they have something new to learn (content)
  2. When they have to build on existing knowledge and need more
  3. When they need to apply the information
  4. When the environment changes
  5. When they have a problem to solve

Susan contrasts with traditional education and how learners are asked to make predictions. Higher education has talked about learner centered design, but has also been sensitive to learning support. She gives an example. Dan gives the business spin and asks what business does after the training. How does this fit into the real world? Embrace the whole environment. How do you document the competencies that a learner is learning? Dan talks about the challenges of assessing some areas. Ramping down and ramping up: Heavy instructor led activities ramp down to instructor support. Ramp back up to self directed component. When you design your training strategy, think about the entire scope ... ramp down and up. A lot of money is spent on the ramp down, but not back up.

Support communities: How do we connect the learner to other people? That's where social networking comes in. We've always known the learner needed support when they are in the workplace, but now there are web-based tools that can help us look beyond the workplace.

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