Episode 99

"Read the Syllabus"

Duration 00:11:40      Recorded on December 30, 2011


In this episode, Susan and Dan talk about some of the differences in instructional design between business versus traditional education.

Show Notes:

Is training in instructional design the same for business as traditional education? They conclude that it is important to focus on what good learning looks like (how people learn). Adult education is liberal arts of training and is transferable into any setting.

When people get excited in a workshop, it is when designers start talking about designing for learning.

Use of syllabi in business - how do you do it? Typically a syllabus is a document that has a lot of information about the course, instructor contact, overarching goals and objectives, schedule, grading, policies. Doesn't work in business.

The difference is in how you approach a learner and what info they have before they start. What does business provide before or after training? An invoice!

A learning map. Could be a word doc with technical guide or a calendar. May describe types of learning (blended, elearning, LMS, etc.). Usually includes list of topics. Storyboarding is another example of where business and traditional education diverge. It's more of a workflow process in business. Not so much in education (because faculty and designer are usually the same person).

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