Episode 100

"The Butterfly Effect"

Duration 00:18:38      Recorded on January 29, 2012

Show Notes:LT GreenRoom co-hosts Susan Manning and Dan Balzer are joined by executive producer Jonathan Finkelstein of LearningTimes who introduces the show theme for the 100th episode: "The Butterfly Effect".

The group briefly describes the Butterfly Effect as the notion that a small action or change in one place or time can have a large impact somewhere else at some time in the future. The concept was coined by Edward Lorenz, who suggested that a hurricane's formation might be a consequence of the flapping of wings by a distant butterfly many weeks before.

Jonathan suggests that this is what the LT GreenRoom does every time it shares a story or has an open conversation online. Every podcast helps find and share meaning in a chaotic world, and is another opportunity to impact what someone might do after hearing it. In fact, this is what good educators do every day. They help learners sort out and find meaning, and point out achievements and moments on which learners can build whatever might come next for them.

Jonathan poses this question: "Can you think of a moment -- a very specific occasion, a concrete conversation, a chance meeting, or activity -- that affected something about what you are doing now or who you are today?"

Ironically, Susan and Dan recollect from many years ago stories that actually linked the two of them together, and have had a major impact on their lives as education and learning professionals today.

Then, the group asks listeners of the LT GreenRoom: "Do you know of any instances where work YOU did, something YOU said, or conditions YOU helped create -- had this affect on someone else?"

Jonathan then surprises Susan and Dan with greetings of appreciation, encouragement, and challenge from listeners and former LT GreenRoom guests, including:

Listeners, share ideas and suggest guests for future shows. Tell us "butterfly effect" moments in your lives or in the lives of your learners, and add your congratulations to Susan and Dan for 100 shows - and counting.

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