Episode 102

"Filtering Information"

Duration 00:10:43

Follow Susan and Dan on this very loose conversation about filtering the overwhelming amount of information coming at us. Sometimes it is hard to manage everything in our inboxes.

Show Notes:

The paradox is that we need to focus and maybe turn off a few channels while still knowing what's new on the big picture of learning.

Personal learning networks can help manage incoming ideas. Through PLNs we can find respected sources.

Social networks often fuel PLNs. Needs change over time.

Shift: From pre-Internet era to now. We have to be more nimble in letting go of sources that served us well at one point but not currently.

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Since technology allows us to publish information easier, there is more to follow and a higher need to use discretion. The production of information is speedier and more collaborative.

Kind of fun but overwhelming.

Listeners, how do you keep up with the amount of information sent to you? How do you filter?

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