Episode 104

"New Year!"

Duration 00:04:53      Recorded on December 28, 2012

Susan and Dan announce that they are committed to recording more episodes of the LearningTimes Green Room podcast!

Show Notes:

Podcasting since 2006, Susan and Dan had a terrible time with scheduling in 2012. Dan wonders, "Do people still podcast?"

A future episode! Some of their favorites: sailor from around the world in New Zealand (which is referenced at hhttp://www.ltgreenroom.org/ltgr_ep_017.html although we can't find the interview clip!)

Susan would like to revisit lurking. MOOCs and back channel technologies like Twitter might influence this.

New technologies to explore - Video (it's a different world) and Pinterest?

Listeners!? What would you like to hear us unpack? What instructional issues are weighing on you?

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The LT Green Room is a podcast for Renewal, Retooling and Conversations about Learning. It is co-hosted by Susan Manning and Dan Balzer and its show topics are often drawn from members of LearningTimes.org, a free online community of education and training professionals from across the globe. The LT Green Room gives listeners (and ourselves) an opportunity to reflect on what they're doing behind the scene that results in an effective learning experience.


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